Sunday Zwift

The ride report: 24-01-2021

Todays weather really proves the value of zwift. Even without a covid lockdown a few inches of fresh snow means riding the roads is not an option. However thanks to the technology 6 of us set off round the Achterban at Innsbruck, without breaking a single lockdown rule.

A big figure 8 with a trip up and down both sides of a mountain, 49 Km with 990 metres of climbing.

Ian T has his technology a bit more organised and was on discord, albeit with the microphone muted. That meant he could hear the comments about the virtual ‘flat cap’ he has somehow acquired, still no sign of the whippet that should accompany such a garment.

The group ride thing worked again with me still with the bunch as we went over the summit, twice. No way that happens in the real world, I’m off the back going up chemical road, never mind a mountain.

There was no sudden surge for us this week, though on the last descent Nic somehow managed to take flight and disappear into the virtual distance at a questionably high pace. A quick chat as we were going down set us up for the ‘Pretzel’ next week, some of us haven’t got that particular badge.

So next week, 31/01/2021 8:30. Watopia ‘The Pretzel’ , we do it all again

Thanks to Nic for organising it again.

John C.