Club Kit

Feel and look the part in Swansea Wheelers Club kit – and apparently you can earn an extra point on Club runs!

The Club has short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, bib shorts and gilets for

SALE         prices.


2 XS s/sleeve jersey

4 S   s/sleeve jersey

5 M  s/sleeve jersey       

3 L  s/sleeve jersey

2 XXL s/sleeve jersey

Priced at £28

1S  long sleeve jersey

1 XXL long sleeve jersey

Priced at £31


2 XS  b/shorts

5 S  b/shorts

4 M  b/shorts

1 L  b/shorts

2 XXL  b/shorts

Priced at £33


77 Caps

Priced at £5




1 M s/s jersey

Priced at £28


1 M Gilet

3 L Gilet

4 XL Gilet

Priced at £20



(old stock)


2 M s/s jersey

1 XL s/s jersey

2 L b/shorts

2 M Gilet

Priced at £10

If you are interested in purchasing any items or have questions about sizes etc, please contact our Chairman Trevor Lloyd.

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