British Summer Time

Summertime ends 2:00am Sunday 27 Oct (goes back 1 hour) Cycling weekly 10 helpful tips to keep you riding. START TIME 8:30 RIDE to Ferryside

6. Mudguards

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Use mudguards – your backside and the rider behind will thanks you for it

As any cycling club member knows, mudguards are a must in the winter. The spray and grunge kicked up as you ride along can land directly into your face, waterbottle, up your back and soak your backside in a highly uncomfortable way.

Anyone who has ever tried to ride directly behind someone who doesn’t have mudguards in the wet will know exactly how much water is sprayed up by a rotating bike tyre

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Sunday 1st Sept

Start time 8:30 Liberty stadium Hell of the Beacons Skewen,Neath valley, Hirwaun, Penderyn,Cwm Cadlan,Llwyn-on reservoir,left onto A470 Storey arms, left to Penderyn A4059, right to Ystradfellte, Pontneathvaughan, Neath valley, Skewen, Swansea

Points update

Here is the position up to the present.

In the lead is Jeremy Davies with 131 points.

Moving into second place is Mark Williams with 122 points.

The rest are as follows:
Trev. L.112 , Rob. M. 106, Nic. C. 100 ,John. C  89, Bob.  H. 84, Ian.   T.   66, Nathan. T  53, Mark. N. 41

These are only provisional as I have no info about points from July 21st.  If anyone has a record of that Sunday could they please let me know.  If anyone has any doubts about the accuracy of the figures please get in touch . There are 9 club runs remaining!    Bob H.