The ride report: 15/8/21

The ride report: 15/8/21

Were back on the road and the run list; 7 and yours truly on the road on a day when the weather wasn’t looking too clever. Hopefully finish before it got really silly.

Good luck to Louise who was taking cycling far more seriously than us on a time trial bike somewhere.

The plan was a steady pace to Porthcawl so we could all stay together, it worked too.

The weather obviously hadn’t heard the forecast and started raining way too early, we’d only just crossed the Briton Ferry bridge; that did for Simon who turned for home while we all fiddled with waterproofs.

We carried on and all held our breath as a guy on a time trial bike went past us on the Baglan bypass; we all know how Trevor can react to that, so we thought oh no here we go again. But Trevor held his resolve and ignored him, and we carried on to Pyle, where he couldn’t even be tempted to sprint for the sign. (I’m convinced it’s a doppelganger, not the real Trevor.)

New boy Craig on his second week had his first taste of that marvellous Port Talbot air, just the thing to help clear any congested lungs, and that wonderful view, couldn’t be better. We carried on to Porthcawl, aiming at Greggs in Newton thinking it would be quieter, only to find over a dozen people waiting outside in the queue so we headed to town centre. 

Right next to that Greggs was a nice little coffee shop with tables outside so coffee and snacks all round, very nice too. Then there was a parting of the ways with those keen for adventure looking at loops involving hills and things turning right.

Too rich for Jeremy and I who turned left and headed home via the flattest quickest route we could find. We got to Briton Ferry before the heavens opened which had the waterproof on all the way home.

Got there safe and sound.

Well done to Louise who had another great result

John C.

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