Sunday summary

October 29th 2017

 As we wandered through the lanes around the back of Stormy Down, Ian T. enquired if you could get sunstroke in late October? “Only on the prom in Porthcawl” I cunningly replied.  So pleasant was it sitting in the sun that when it was time to leave, I had to be carried to my bike still clutching the table, such was my reluctance to depart. Jack Maldon said the weather was as good as his recent trip to Majorca. Ian T. said he was going to ride to Cardiff tomorrow, blow Majorca. The club runs will revert to 9.30 start time the  first Sunday in December.  Bob H.

October 22nd 2017

Our umbrellas were blown inside out as we struggled across the exposed Loughor Bridge. “Look at those waves” said Ian T. “you could surf all the way to Llandeilo on those” After picking our way carefully along the sand covered cycle path, we eventually got back on the road to see the club’s early starters go flying past in the opposite direction. We estimated the combined speed (ours and theirs) close to 100 MPH.  At the Castle Cafe in Kidwelly Chris R. bagged himself a slice of Rhubarb and Strawberry gateau claiming it had great medicinal, therapeutic, and performance caches, essential to athletic training and ability. We all immediately signed up to joining his fitness centre and the gateau.  We were forced to don our waterproofs on the way home with Rob M. leading the charge back into Swansea.  Porthcawl next week.  Bob H.

October 15th 2017

“ This is the best toasted tea cake I have ever tasted” i said to the others as we were sitting outside the Old School cafe in Defynnog. “That’s because they are baked on the premises” said Ian T.” Shall we ever go to the cafe in Sennybridge again?” enquired Simon H. Where are all these riders with numbers on, going to” asked Chris X?   Ian T surmised that they were still wearing the numbers they had from the Cardiff Velothon. “Show offs” we said burying ourselves into our tea cakes.  We caught some of them on they grim ascent of the Crai…….a charity ride on behalf of Shane Williams they said.  (Whose Shane Williams?)  We grovelled down the Swansea valley into an unrelenting headwind with Simon clocking up a good 75 miles.   My wife helped carry me into the house saying “You are overdoing it, you shouldn’t go out with those youngsters!”  “What youngsters I croaked?Well done everyone.

Bob H.

October 8th 2017

Sunshine all the way!  After leaving P/Talbot we took to the cycle path, dodging the runners preparing for the Richard Burton 5K race and fending off spectators at the Pontrhydyfen rugby match. We were delighted to clear the ascent out of Cymmer and plunge down the valley to Maesteg and coffee at the “Valley cafe” The mountain view above Llangynwyd was a delight looking Norh towards Brecon. Ian T. Rob. M and myself sped through the lanes to Pyle and onwards to Swansea.

Bob H.

September 10th 2017

3 turned out, over some hills to County Cycles .The rain turn up ,so headed for home. JD,RM,IT

September 3rd 2017

2 turned out in the rain and went home, JD,IT

August 27 2017

Well, guess who had two punctures on the club run this morning? Go on, guess!  That’s right Bob H. did. Whenever he has a puncture it always takes three club members and a passer by to fix it and even then it fails. (Just as well because there where only 3 of us out today) We covered every cycle path in the Swansea valley and more. There were more cyclists and dog walkers out today than there are white lines on the road. Ian T. and I fought our way through the melee for a coffee at Mac Donalds in Glynneath. After that the sun came out and lethargy set in and we broke the record for the slowest recorded average speed down the Neath valley. I surprised Ian by nodding of at one point. It’s a bank holiday after all.  Bob H.

August 13 2017

The six of us sped up the valley to Pontardawe,where Simon H. turned back to ready himself for an evening flight to Singapore! Andy D. turned around at Brynamman home to face an afternoon of building. Met an Irish man on the Black mountain who had already ridden from Treorchy on a loop back via Brecon!
Jeremy D. and I spoke to a mini Cooper driver who was in the middle of a photo shoot. She refused to include Jeremy and I in it. Coffee stop was in the Cawdor arms Llandeilo where I won a dazzling sprint for the town sign! (The others were looking the other way). There was a wedding reception taking place…. there’s always a wedding reception at the Cawdor arms. I battled to stay with David Dew and Jeremy D for the rest of the way home. 67 miles covered and it’s felt like it. All for now  Bob H.