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The Club runs a series of Time Trials on a Tuesday night throughout the Summer. The dates for 2017 are list below.


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Any questions contact the SWCC Race Secretary, Trevor Lloyd email Trevor at this website.


Four Wheelers Tackle the Merthyr 10 TT

Over the last couple of months anticipation has been building on the 2017 open time trial events. With 8 riders now planning on riding a lot of smack talk (mainly me) has been put down giving added motivation and exciting to see who can get closest to Nic Cleave this season.

Today was the first 10mile tt run by Merthyr CC on the R10/22a course. Names on the start list where Andy M , Nic Cleave, Phil Graham , Mike Broadbent and Chris Barnett with Tim choosing to save himself for the 25 next week (cheers mate), Karl being the corner man for David Haye last night and Trevor still getting over his holiday/over indulgence/hes got to keep nic’s wheel next week /scared of me/ he only riders when he wants. Forecast wasn’t great for this this fast 10 and it certainly  wasn’t when i turned up. While mentally preparing to get a top 5  in the car , Phil pulled up in his super car and we both questioned the possibility of giving our numbers back due to the extremely horrible headwind on the out section of the time trial course which was made worse with the wind slamming my car door shut .

We were shortly then notified oft he withdrew of Mike who said it was to early in the season (rumour has it he was tipped off that they may be doing random drug tests). Anyway Nic arrived just in time for him to put my number on while also pinching a inch/bum.

I had a full plan of a warm up which went out the window mainly i think due to nerves seeing all these TTers with disc wheels and bikes more expensive than my car. Anyhow my start time was 10.09 and as i waited my min man decided not to show. He must have seen my name and thought f**k that …… SO i flew out of the start aided by a lovely tailwind and cheered on by Nic as he started to put his shit together.  The out section of the course was horrific , the headwind was just bloody horrible and if it wasn’t for the fact that i knew the tail wind would make up for it i would still be out there. The in section of the course seemed to go passed in seconds aided with a amazing tailwind i managed to catch the person who start 2 mins in front and noticed on the otherside Phil  cruising past someone .

After the race was over and rolling back to car i couldnt help but think i could have changed so much however it was nice to see phil not so long after i finished smiling knowing that he had got a 23.48 in his first time trial.

While myself and phil recovered gave Nic some nice feedback of how hard the headwind is and then waited for Him and chris to finish. Overall it was real eye opener to the world of the time trial. It has given me the extra motivation now to push on and spend loads of cash and just see if i can buy speed…….


Phil 23.48 20/72 CHECK YOU OUT !!!! (break top 15 next time)

Andy 24.34 35/72 (I WILL TAKE A TOP HALF FINISH)

Chris sorry mate i don’t know what time you came in let me know  …..

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