SWCC club run to Maesteg, Sunday 24th January, 2016

The curse of the ‘P’ word continues! Another four this week on the club run to Maesteg. Twelve riders, including two guests who’d been out before, turned up at the Liberty in surprisingly dry conditions. In fact it only rained for 10 minutes later on. Luckily for latecomers Mike B and John F we didn’t leave on time.

Simon H led us up through Skewen and on to Baglan like a man possessed. We arrived in Port Toilet in no time and thankfully Jeremy D remembered the way up to Goytre Road. The route up through the forest was challenging in places – no wonder Bob wasn’t out this week as this route was his idea last year! At least this year the pot holes weren’t full of ice.

After perfecting our off-roading skills we eventually hit the B4282 where the rest of the hill that is Bryn awaited. Simon H saw sense and headed back at this point. After a long and painful slog to the top – where Nic C showed his climbing prowess by getting there first by some margin – we regrouped. The fast descent into Maesteg is always a reward for the climb, as long as you remember to actually stop at the very sudden junction at the bottom on the hill.

Through the town and on to Tondu, Pen y Bryn and then left to Pyle. Jeremy D decided to head for home here as he said he’d ‘been feeling a bit under the weather all week’. A likely story.  In Pyle a few riders suggested we try out the cafe in a nearby supermarket for a change. When we got there we realised the cafe was quite a way into the store and there was nowhere to leave bikes safely (Pyle being the bike theft capital of South Wales, apparently). While deciding where to try next a security guard came out and basically told us to move on and walked us across the car park. He looked like he hadn’t had so much fun in years. At least he was earning his wages.

019Down to the industrial estate we stumbled across the Village Farm cafe, where there was ample bike parking. Once inside we were told we could have coffee but all breakfasts had now stopped. We could have ‘turkey rolls’ though. Disappointment turned to amazement when these arrived. Imagine your Christmas dinner in a bap the size of a dinner plate, filled with turkey, roasties , stuffing and gravy! All that and a coffee for £3.80. There was so much grub most people couldn’t finish it. Definitely a place to go back to.

After this we headed back to Margam, where Mark K had the first puncture of the day. He said it was a large screw. I said no thanks, maybe later.

Tube sorted we headed onto Aberavon at a fair old pace, then Baglan, Jersey Marine and along the Fabian Way bike path. At Port Tennant Paul W and Paul E both managed to puncture on the same glass on the road at the same time. In a frantic effort not to be beaten, Paul W managed to snap his pump! How embarrassing. Once the laughter had died down we were soon sorted and headed into Swansea, were riders made their own way home.

Apparently Mark K had another puncture on his way to Sketty. When will the curse end?


Riders: Paul E, Dave G, Nic C, Mark K, Simon H, Chris B, Jeremy D, Paul W, John F, Mike B and guests Tom Watkin and Stuart Hayday.

Full details of points are available here.

Next week’s club one is a longer one to Llandovery via Sennybridge.

by Paul E



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SWCC club run to Maesteg, Sunday 24th January, 2016

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