Spin Class

Hi All,

We now need to start thinking ahead to the autumn and spin classes.
These are run in Swansea Leisure centre every Thursday evening for 1 hour starting at 8pm

We find these a great way of keeping basic fitness and weight off during the winter season.
They are also quite good fun (if you like them)
We usually book a 10 week block before Christmas and another 10 week block in Jan/Feb/March 2016
A block of 10 costs 10 x £38 = £380.
So to break even we need 13 riders at £30 for 10 session block or 19 riders at £20 per 10 session block.

So… I now need to gather firm commitments of riders who want to do the spin classes this autumn and who are prepared to pay £30 in advance, possibly £20 if we get sufficient numbers
Can you reply to this thread and I will pass the names on, this is open to everyone not just club members.

Andy M

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Spin Class

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