Club Run Feb 12th

Marsh road,Skewen,Baglan,A48 P.Talbot,Pyle,Kenfig Hill,

Stormy Down,Laleston,A4106 Porthcawl* Kenfig,Margam,

P.Talbot by-pass, Baglan, Skewen, Swansea.

On Sunday the two groups will ride together to Pyle, where the faster riders will press on and the slower group will follow the same route but at a distance. We could regroup at Sidolis in Porthcawl. Then we could stay together until Nottage and then split once again, the faster group pressing on. The slower group will follow at a slower pace. Anyone in the fast group who gets tired can drop back to the slow group where he will receive no sympathy! N.B. Under
regulation 105 the wearing of false beards is prohibited.

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Club Run Feb 12th

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