Club Run Championship Points

The following is the current state of play in the 2017-8 Club Run Championship Trophy.

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Attendance = 1 Point
Completing the whole run = 1 Point
Wearing Club Kit top = 1 Point
Between October and March, a point is also awarded for having a pair of mudguards fitted for road bikes .
Between April and September, members who attend receive this point by default.

‘>from end of Jan 2018

Hey Boys!, did you know that the Royal mint in Llantrisant are, as we speak, striking gold medals for all those fearless members who went”Up the Goytre” today. They always honour brave riders who venture into the unknown up the Goytre!………or was it up the Kyber?   sorry boys , I may have got that wrong.  Anyway here is the monthly total of club run points:
Still in the lead is Ian Tolley with                           48 points
Rob Morton has moved into second place           36    “
Jeremy Davies                                                       33    “
Bob Harrison                                                         32    “
Chris Regis                                                             21    “
Steve Partner                                                         21     “
Simon Helan                                                          19   “
Trevor Lloyd                                                           18    “
Andy Davies                                                             8    “
Nathan                                                                     6    “
Nic Cleave                                                                5     “
Let’s hope for better weather next week.  Bob H.

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