Sunday Club Run to Ferryside

Hi All

14 riders out this morning heading out to the warm welcoming Ferryside cafe.

Heading up through Manselton, the old Carmarthen road then taking Swansea road through garden village and Loughor road to avoid the bypass.

Is this what it’s supposed to look like?

In garden village we had the first of 4 punctures making it close to an unwanted club record, at the top of Loughor road Bob had his second puncture of the day so decided to turn home along with Andy D and Simon with the rest of us pressing on towards the city of Llanelli.

We held a strong steady pace all the way to Kidwelly bike path until we hit a 13% climb up the main road for half a mile to split the group, passing Llansaint where Nigel left us in favour of Mam’s dinner before we dropped in to Ferryside.

Talk of the cafe was do we really have to do “THAT HILL” straight out of the cafe, yes was the answer from the captain.

Back on the road for the delightful climb up to Boardway where it was Andy Morrisey’s turn for his 2 punctures, the first being a front wheel blow out on the decent back in to Kidwelly, nothing like a front wheel blowout on a steep fast decent to make you feel alive! (Ask Mark Noall about the Gavia in Italy) After getting to Kidwelly and a second puncture the group decided as time was now getting on to take the coastal road back to swansea leaving el captain to face a solo climb of Trimsaran then decending back to the coastal road at North dock.

Next week Jeremy Davies will be collecting names and points for the club run as there are several of us heading up to Manchester to see the revolution series and to see if we can get Trevor as drunk as we did in London last year( oh what a mess that urinal story will be told for years to come )


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Sunday Club Run to Ferryside

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