Gower (Trevor’s Tour of Tycoch)

There where 22 riders out for a sunny start from the Liberty Stadium. We left the Liberty Stadium and all rode up through Brynhyfryd Square carrying straight on through the traffic lights. Then we turned left off main the road and carried on down Manselton Road to Cwmbwrla roundabout. At the roundabout we took the 2nd left up Heol-Y-Gors Road, then onto Gors Ave and stayed on this road all the way to Cocket traffic lights. At the lights we turned left, up the climb towards Tycoch. When we reached the top of the hill, we turned right past Cefn Coed Hospital and headed through lanes to Waunarlwydd.

At the cross roads we all regrouped, but were missing a few riders (Bob, Andy, Dave G, Simon D, Phil H) Mark N rode back to the top of lanes, but there was no sign of the missing riders. So the rest of the group carried on, turned left at main road heading through Waunarlwydd and down towards Penclawdd, we stayed on the main road for a while before turning left up The Wern. The group splitting up on this long climb to the top, Phil G taking the sign with James C following closely behind him. We all regrouped at top and headed through Three Crosses onto Welsh Moore with a group of four riders pushing ahead at speed (Paul E, John F, Trevor L, Mark N) but Trevor was too strong for them all and making it down to main the road first. On the main road we turned right down to Llanrhidian and then turning left heading towards Oldwalls.

At The Grey Hound Pub, the group turned right off the main road passing Weobley Castle and carried on down to Cheriton, Paul E taking the sign. The group turned left just after the Brittania Pub, up the steep lung busting climb. At the top to we regroup, then it was down hill all the way to the main road. At the main road we headed up to Burry Green with Mark N sprinting from the back of the group to sneak the sign. At Burry Green the riders turned right and headed through the lanes at a high pace, then it was back on main road with Trevor making a early break for the Scurlage sign but he was unable to stop John F taking the sign, after he bridged the gap and got on Trevor’s wheel. We rode past Scurlage and we turned left off the main road, headed down through lanes to Oxwich Bay, for the cafĂ© stop, where we meet up with Simon D and Phil H two of our lost riders from earlier on, telling us they missed the turn to Cefn Coed and headed through Tycoch and out to the Gower.

After some bacon rolls and coffee its was back on the road to face the steep climb out of Oxwich, at the top a few in the group where feeling the bacon rolls on their way back up. We turned right on to South Gower road and headed towards Three Cliffs staying in a long line as traffic was getting heavy. We rode on down the fast decent to Shepards with the pace very high, past Shepards we carried on up through the walls at Park Mill, Jason K, Phil R, James C turning off at this point. The rest of us regrouped and then headed past Swansea Airport through Upper Killay and onto Killay. Andy M turning off down railway track heading for home. We pushed straight on through Killay square along Gower road to traffic lights, Simon D and Phil H heading straight on through town for home. At the traffic lights we all turned left up the steep climb Phil G and John F racing for the top. At top we all turned left then 1st right up another steep climb to Hendrefoelan lanes. It was a slow ride through the lanes due to road conditions and traffic. Then down the hill towards Tycoch turning left up the steep climb of Pastoral Way, legs burning by now, Mark K leaving us at this point . The rest of the group turning right down past Tycoch school and then left up yet another climb, at the top we stopped to regroup. Then we headed through the lanes onto Cocket, the group splitting up at the main road some heading left to Forrest Fach then home, some heading right down towards town and home. The rest heading over Townhill then home. Total 50 miles

Next Sundays ride Carreg Cennen Castle 60 miles

Griff (Swansea Uni)
James c
4 Points
Mark N
Jason K
Phil G
Jeremy D
Paul E
John F
Trevor L
Mark K
Nick C
Ian W
Andy M
3 Points
Adam H
Simon D
Andrew H
Phil R
2 Points
Phil H
1 Point
Dave G

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Gower (Trevor’s Tour of Tycoch)

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