First MTB Ride of 2013!

Four riders today for first MTB ride of 2013!

Met at Afan to do the new blue and reopened red Penhydd trails.

Set off in a chaingang up the twisting cycle path style new climb from the centre. On the first descent John regretted leaving his knee pads in the car park, as he took a tumble – no damage done except pride and his rather nice Castelli leg warmers. Nice trail, lots of rollers and big berms for building up the skills. Blue run is 7km and took about 30min.

Returned to car park then set off up the new Penhydd. Shares the same start as the blue but climbs higher up the original forest road that tops out above the Bryn golf course road (some discussion of Simon’s speed wobbles on that descent). The trail is then a mix of the original narrow, bumpy single track and the newer wider cycle path style sections, albeit with plenty of rocky drops and big berms in there for a challenge. This leads to a bit of a disjointed experience but very good fun all the same. Paul “bubbles” Edwards was the only one to clean the muddy tech section after the original sidewinder descent. Trevor wisely walk one of the rocky drops due to a lack of speed at the entry but he’ll certainly clear it next time.

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Quality cafe to finish with large portion curry half and half for me.

Riders: Trevor, John, Paul, Jonny.

Next ride: 18th Jan – Gower.


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First MTB Ride of 2013!

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