Club Run – Ystradgynlais

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There were 13 riders in total, for this cold cloudy start from the Liberty Stadium. Mad man Adam N turning up with no gloves and shorts on, didn’t he see the weather forecast? We were joined by guest Marcus Richardson and Holly Lawrence (Pro Triathlete). Also we welcome back Chris R after his 6 week break from cycling. We all set off through the enterprise park, past Asda and Morganite. We headed left at the next roundabout up towards Morriston, riding at a steady pace, just trying to keep warm. Then we turned right at lights, up Chemical road, at the top by Morriston school we turned left passing Morriston Hospital up to the mini roundabout, where Bob turned off .

The rest of us carrying on through the back roads heading towards the Masons Arms. Past the pub and up the club hill climb route, group splitting at this point with Mark N lifting the pace, chased by Chris R, Adam N, John F, Marcus and Holly. Unable to hold off the chasing group Mark N fading off and hitting the top last in the leading group. Chris R taking the top followed by the rest. We all regrouped at top and carried on over the hilly terrain, pushing on towards the wind turbines . Then we took a tight right turn after the steep decent on towards Rhyd-y-fro, the route still very hilly.

Guest Holly Lawrence
Through Rhyd-y-fro across the main road and up a steep climb up to Gwrhyd and on towards Rhiwfawr – I thought winter rides were less hilly :-). We then headed down to main road, with a bit of confusion about Trevor’s directions with Paul E and Jeremy D going straight on and missing the turning, looks like they will be meeting the rest of the group in café stop. The rest of us turning right on to main road into Ystradgynlais Co-op for the café stop, with Paul E and Jeremy D arriving shortly after.

Back on the road again and all feeling the cold after the very hot coffee inside us. We wont be cold for long, it was a short ride through Ystradgynlais, before turning right over a little bridge and up a very steep 25% climb all the way to the top meeting Crynant Common, what a beast of a climb so soon after café stop! Turning right onto Crynant Common down hill to the junction. Nick C turning for home at this point, the rest of us turning left through Seven Sisters, the group splitting again some people feeling the pace of the day, through Onllwyn regrouping at junction. Then we turned right through Banwen and down hill all the way to Glyn-Neath lights, we turned right at the lights, Adam N feeling the cold after the decent, but thanks to kind hearted Andy M who gave him one of the pairs of gloves he was wearing… All this way with Adam N suffering from frost bite and Andy M had 2 sets of gloves on tut tut :-).

Through Glyn-Neath, then we turned right down the old road (B4242) with Mark N, Marcus, Adam N and Chris R making a early break for it, making a large gap from the rest, Chris R making his own break for the front, with the chasing 3 riders working well together but were unable to pull him back. The trailing group splitting up with Trevor L working very hard at the front of a small group aiming to pull the 4 riders ahead back, they pull the 3 riders ahead back by just past the Resolven turning. We all stayed together in a group to try to catch Chris R but to no chance, up the climb past Hogs Trailer, Trevor L finding extra power to sprint for the sign, what a machine he is. All regrouping at the junction, then all turning left heading for home, what a top ride, really enjoyed this one! Total distance 54miles

4- Mark N, Trevor L, Jeremy D, Ian W, Paul E
3- Andy M, Adam N, Nick C, John F
2- Chris R
1- Bob

Marcus Richardson, Holly Lawrence

Next ride
Sunday, Dec 1st, Llyn Llech Owain country park 50miles

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Club Run – Ystradgynlais

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  • November 29, 2013 at 18:25

    Nice write up, Mark. I agree it was a great ride. Just one question. Can Holly come out to play every Sunday?

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