Club Run to, urr, hum Ferryside

Seven riders met at a somewhat overcast Liberty Stadium for this week’s club run-Alan Clayton, Dave Gough, Jeremy Davies, Jeremy Rees(yes, that one), Phil Rees, Andrew Davies, Bob Harrison & guest rider Chris –sorry, make that eight. The slightly damp roads, meant there was a mixture of summer and winter steeds on display.

After a quick huddle round Alan’s phone to find out where Ferryside was, it was decided it was in Wales so shouldn’t be that hard to find, so we were off.

First problem was actually getting out of the enterprise park, Phil deciding he’d enjoyed the flower arrangement so much, he just had to go around that roundabout again.

But in time Morriston was reached and the first hill of the day -Le Col du Pentrepoeth- was upon us. Remarkably, the 8 of us were still together as we sailed past DVLA, already at this point comments of how jolly decent the pace was, were wafting through the peleton. At this point Jeremy R slinked off left for Morriston Crem –though you couldn’t see where he’d stashed his bunch of flowers in his lycra! The rest of us motored on towards Hendy, with the 2nd decent climb of the day to look forward to.

The Llanon climb didn’t start too well. Firstly(or was it secondly), a works white van man decided to overtake us on a blind bend with an oncoming car making things a tad squeaky bum, only for him to turn right within 50yds of his perilous manoeuvre. Secondly(or was it firstly), my somewhat expensive sunglasses decided to come apart, the following car luckily missing the dropped bits.

At the top of the climb, Bob and Andy bid their farewells, while the remaining 5 riders headed off towards Pontyberem. Nasty climb No.3 was extremely nasty as we headed up through Bancffosfelen, though Alan made light work of it. A regrouping at the top saw us realise, that we weren’t exactly sure of the route. Yours truly even took a turn on the front, but at the first junction we came to, I went to go the wrong way, so I was relegated to the arrière again.

We sailed on oblivious until Carmarthen came into view and a realisation that perhaps we should have looked at Al’s phone again. Another roadside conference and we decided to miss out Ferryside and the grumpy café owner and try out the culinary delicacies of Kidwelly instead. By this time a favourable tail wind had us spinning along merrily and even the Ferryside sign that passed us was forgotten, as the desire for cake in Kidwelly took it’s grip.

Coffee & cake was served al fresco in Kidwelly in the shadow of the castle and was provided by a very pleasant trio of ladies. Food & drink consumed, Jeremy D left us at this point and headed back towards Carmarthen for a truck porn show, while the rest of us took the coast road for home via a deviation along the coastal path, dodging young hooligans with stabilisers out for a Sunday morning collision.

Not sure whether it was the tail wind or Mrs G’s last words “thou shalt be back by one!” that saw me on the front again as we headed out of Llanelli and on to Loughor, where we had another parting. I headed back to Morriston for some expected verbal abuse off the other ‘alf , while the other’s took the marsh road. 57.5miles were on the trip as I reached Le Chateau Gough(& Mrs G was only a little miffed!)-think I’ll be ok for next week!!

Dave G

(If anyone has a runners and riders attire breakdown let me know and I’ll update the Championship Table points – MK)

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Club Run to, urr, hum Ferryside

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