Club Run – Treorchy (Tour of the Mining Valleys)

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There were 13 riders out on Sunday for the Tour of the Mining Valleys clubrun.

Guests were Griff (SUCC) & Phil Rees (3/4).

We rode up the Neath valley and passed a lone PTW, to Glynneath, where Andy D. turned off. Up the hill to Cefn Rhigos, where Louis took the sign from Trevor before turning off with Simon S. and Griff as they took the ‘shortcut’ home via the Rhigos.We carried onto Aberdare and up the 16% Bryn Du climb, with its 4 hairpin bends, where Lee pipped Trevor for the race to the layby on top of the hill. John & Phil turned back here. Along the top of the moor and into a strong headwind, where the wind turbines were switched off! Down into Maerdy and down the Rhondda Fach valley. Up the Penrhys climb, which was easily taken by Lee and down into the Rhondda Fawr and a cafe stop at the Cardiff Arms in Treorchy. No teacakes were requested or served.

Back on the road and up the Bwlch and into the headwind again. Down the Afan valley,its descent was spoiled by the relentless wind. Through Pontrhydyfen and up the Sardis & Level Crossing, with Lee again first up the hill. Down into Cimla and upon descending the hill a car suddenly pulled out in front of the group. Its driver was texting/driving and was stopped at the traffic lights. When the Captain asked the driver to switch the phone off, he said that he was entitled to use it as he was stopped at a junction! I despair!

Points:- 4 = Trevor, Bob H., Lee, Jeremy D., Mark K. & Mark W. 3 = John, Andy D. & Karl. 2 = Simon S. & Louis. Guests = 2.

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What’s on this week and next Sunday’s Club Run

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Club Run – Treorchy (Tour of the Mining Valleys)

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