Club Run – Treorchy (3 Valleys Clockwise)

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There were 9 hardy souls out today for the club anti clockwise club run to Treorchy. Broken bones and fathers day excuses no doubt 🙂

We set off and picked up Kevin W just before Skewen, where we felt our first spots of rain only a couple of miles in. It didn’t stop for the rest of the ride! Through Skewen and down into Neath where we went under the motorway and towards the CImla climb. A few went up the main climb and a few of us took Cimla Crescent, which is actually a longer run than if you grin and bear the steep section of the Clmla climb. After regrouping at the top, Dave G and Bob H turned off for a mini club run of their own.

The remaining 7 of us passed under the viaduct and onto the Afan road, pushing along at a reasonable pace to see if we would outrun the rain. We were wrong, as the weather closed in as we headed up the climb, with Chris Regis easily reaching the top before Phil G just pipped Mark N after chasing Mark all the way up from the bottom!

We headed down into Treorchy in ones and twos, it feeling more like December than June. After reaching the bottom a democratic vote decided against a café stop (sorry Chris) in favour of pushing on before we go too cold. Onto the Rhigos and down the other side, where a group of riders seemed to be deciding whether to go to Aberdare or not. Anyway we rolled down into Glynneath where Barry L decided to turn right up and over to the Swansea valley.

The rest of us picked up the pace down the heads of the valley road, with Chris R slowly dropping everyone in his wake. Chris and Phil G broke away at Abergarwed only and Chris set the pace all the way down, dropping Phil G at the very crest of the climb from the “Rock” (bugger) and rolling on for the Aberdulais sign.

From there on we slowly broke up with Nick C going over Rhos. We passed Neath college where an archery contest was ongoing. Looked good, except for the fact they were firing their arrows near to the road ! Hoping to avoid another incident along the Neath road, we put our heads down and hoped for the best. Everyone then split and went their separate ways in Skewen.

4 = Phil G, Mark N, Andy M, Kevin W, Barry L. 3 = Chris R, Nic C. 2 = Dave G, Bob H.

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Club Run – Treorchy (3 Valleys Clockwise)

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