Club Run Sunday 6th January

There were 20 riders out out today for the club run to Carreg Cennen Castle. Nicholas Cleave (cc’d) joined the club today.

Bob and Andy decided to take the direct route to the cafe and split off from the main group straight from the club. The rest of us took an unscheduled detour through morriston, up clasemont hill and on to llangyfelach.

After a few people pushed on towards the penllegaer roundabout a bit too quickly for others, we regrouped and headed into pontardulais and then the rollercoaster road towards Llannon. Shortly after we reached the top and headed towards Upper Tumble Barry L came up behind, having time trialled his way to catch us from the club. Sorry Barry my fault you missed us due to the detour, but good training eh.

Anyway through Cross Hands and the pace picked up through Carmel and down towards Ffairfach. An “arctic” decided it would be sensible to overtake us just before we entered Ffairfach. After all he was blowing his horn so that made everything ok.

Through the roundabout and an immediate right up the climb towards the Castle. The group broke up here, with Adam and Mark Noall pushing on chased by the Secretary and Lee P. After Adam and Mark took a quick stop (breather!!) the Secretary pushed on only to be pipped to the top by Adam.

Onto the cafe where Simon turned off before we stopped. After refreshments Kevin fixed a slow puncture before we set off again. Through the lanes to Ammanford and onto the road to GCG, where the Secretary slipped off the front to crest the climb into GCG first (I had to get that into the log). Thereafter along and down into Pontardawe where the club run broke up at various points on the way home. Overall approx 46 miles from club back to Morriston.


4: Phil G, Andy, Trevor, Mark K, Mark N, Ian W, Kevin, Paul Edwards, John F, Barry L,

3: Simon H, Rhys W,

2: Bob H, Louis, Steve Pain, Lee Perrott, Adam, Jeremy, Nicholas Cleave.

0: The Captain

If I have missed anyone off this, please let Mark know.

Next weeks ride is as per the website. Spin as usual on Thursday and Felindre on Tuesday.

PS Good luck to Jason with his Op tomorrow, hoepfully it wont be long before we see you back out on the Botteccia.


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Club Run Sunday 6th January

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