Club run (sort of)

gower040813Eight riders braved the August monsoon season for this week’s alternative club run. As we were already soaked before we even got to the Liberty, a collective decision was made to change the route to ‘somewhere round the Gower’. Apologies if anyone was waiting on the route to Carreg Cennen Castle.

After hearing tales of drunkenness and debauchery from Ian’s 40th birthday party on Friday night, we got to Mumbles. We rode past Verdi’s and avoided  the temptation of a long coffee stop, then headed up Plunch Lane and at Langland corner Nic, Jeremy, Ian, Andy and guest Paul bottled it (or made a very sensible decision, depending on how you see it) and went back. That left Paul E, Gruff and Simon S. We decided to head for Cefn Bryn. After Gruff was nearly knocked flying by a Sunday driver, we headed towards Reynoldston where the rain became steadily more torrential.

simonpaulJust past Fairyhill the junction was flooded, which made for an unexpected but  interesting river crossing. Fighting through streams of mud and debris we eventually made it to the junction to Three Crosses, where Gruff headed back. Simon and I then went past the airport and home to a much needed hot shower (not together, I should add).

Riders were:  4 points: Paul E (full kit and route); 3 points: Gruff and Simon S; 2 points: Nic, Jeremy, Ian W and Andy M. 1 point: Guest: Paul

Ian W and Gruff both have pics. Here’s one from Gruff of Simon and Paul thinking a boat may have been a better option!

What’s on this week and next Sunday’s Club Run

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Club run (sort of)

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  • August 4, 2013 at 19:56

    Braver than me, I took one look and rolled over! Hat’s off.

    Thanks for doing the report Paul.

    Send in the pics and I’ll put them up.

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