Club Run – Sennybridge via Devils Elbow

There were approx.16 riders out in sunny and warm conditions for the club run to Sennybridge via Devils Elbow. Unfortunately whilst I kept a list of riders for some reason my phone has decided to delete it, so I have tracked names and points from memory. Any points queries to be taken up with Club Capt direct please and not me. A lot of summer bikes on display and I don’t blame anyone for that, even though many still opted for winter tights !

We set off from the Stadium and headed through Skewen, down into Neath Abbey and through Neath towards the TT route. Trevor and Phil G paced the group on to the TT route where we enjoyed the sunshine on the rolling road. Adam punctured here and after fixing it we carried on through Glynneath and onto the Sarn Helen road. The steep climb up Pontneddfechan split the group – with Phil G, Adam N and Simon P cresting the top first before waiting for a regroup. We sort of regrouped (the group split in two with people heading off in dribs and drabs) and headed on along the Sarn Helen road. Shortly after in the second group Adam shredded his tyre. After a long stop for an attempted fix by Trevor, Jason and others Adam headed back down into Glynneath with Ian W whilst the rest of us headed on to try and find those who had gone ahead. We picked up some in Ystradfelte whilst others had decided to press on never to be seen again, including guests Holly and Marcus.

Through Ystradfelte and the nagging climb up to the Devils Elbow, with Trevor and Phil G cresting first. After a couple of photos we headed to Defynog, easily hitting 50mph on the drop downTrevor Devil's Elbow towards the café, which was shut so we headed into Sennybridge for the café/petrol station. We sat in the sunshine whilst John F stuffed his face with an ice cream, Jeremy D enjoyed a cream egg and Paul E ordered the mother of all toasties whilst cuddling an ice cream of his own.

Back on the road we headed into Trecastle along the A40 before turning onto the Forest road behind Crai reservoir. A steady pace kept the group mostly together up the climb where again we regrouped before heading down to Dan Y Ogof, where time was ticking on. A decision was made by some to push back quickly due to work commitments whilst others came back at their pace. What ensued was nothing short of a 15+ mile thrashing all the way down the Swansea valley to Clydach where almost everyone’s legs gave out and the group broke up before going their separate ways. Overall approx. 68 miles from start to finish.


Jeremy D
Paul E

Phil G
Trevor L
Nic C
Jason K
Dave G
John F
Ian W
Andy M

Bob H
Adam N
Louis M

Guests: Holly L – Marcus Richardson, Simon P

Next Sunday: Ferryside followed by Tumble

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Club Run – Sennybridge via Devils Elbow

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