Club Run – Mountain Centre

There where 8 riders out for this sunny start from The Liberty Stadium. We rode up the Bonymaen bypass to the roundabout, where we all turned right and headed straight on towards Trallwn. At the Halfway pub, the group turned right onto Skewen lanes which was freshly tarmaced (nice to have a smooth surface for a change). We all headed through Skewen and straight on through Cadaxton. Then onto the Neath Valley road, the pace picking up and staying high all the way to Glyn Neath.

At the traffic lights we carried straight on through and up the Cefn Rhigos climb. Dan G pushing the pace off the front making a large gap, which split the chasing group, he couldn’t keep the gap, on the long dragging climb to the top, being picked up by the chasing group of 3 (Phil G, Trevor, Nick C). At top we all regrouped, Dan G turning back for home at this point, the rest of us headed onto Penderyn, meeting up with the many cyclists doing the Dragon ride, we rode with the Dragon ride across Hirwaun Common and down past the Storey Arms. After the long fast decent into Libanus, we turned left off main road, Jason K having a front wheel blow out just on bend, luckily we had all slowed down for the turn. Time for a pit stop to fix the flat, Jeremy D and Phil R carry on to the Mountain Centre for coffee. After 6 attempts by Jason and Trevor to sort out the puncture and two tubes later, it was back on the road to the Mountain Centre for a much deserved cafe stop.

All refreshed we head out of Mountain Centre, back to the junction, where we all turned right and headed through the Senni Valley and down to main road. At the main road we turned left and then first right to Heol Senni, meeting up with the Dragon ride again and a lone Wheelers rider (Adam N) enjoying the event. We stayed with the Dragon ride for a little bit, before they turned left onto Devils Elbow. We carried straight on through Y Gelli and up the steep climb to the Crai, Phil G putting on the pressure up the climb, leaving the rest of us to play catch up. At the junction at main road we all regrouped, meeting up with the Dragon ride again which was heading in the opposite direction to us, we all climbed up past Crai into a very strong head wind. With Phil G and Trevor L doing the work in front, pulling us all along, then down the decent, pedaling all the way, trying to keep the speed up into the head wind. On the way down we spotted some more Wheeler riders making their way up on the opposite side of the road. Then it was the long hard drag down the Swansea Valley with Trevor pulling us all along, most of the way home, thanks Trevor.

Total distance 70miles

4 Points
Jason K
Mark N
Nick C
Phil G
Phil R
Trevor L
Jeremy D
2 points
Dan G

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Club Run – Mountain Centre

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