Club Run – Glyngorrwg via the Col de Caerau

There were 13 riders out last Sunday for the club run to Glyngorrwg via the Col de Caerau in wet and windy conditions.
We set off from the stadium and along the Marsh road into Skewen, where we started to get our first feel of the wet conditions, making it difficult to decide whether to keep rain jackets on or off. On to the Baglan road bridge where we stuck to the bike path due to the wind before heading onto the old road towards port Talbot. Bob H and John F turned off at Port Talbot whilst the rest of us pushed on towards Margam, where the weather took a turn for the worse. Simeon D turned off at Taibach I think and Phil G turned back just past Margam Park.
The rest of the group made their way up Pen-y-bryn and onto the A4063, Maesteg Road, in increasingly heavy rain.
Up through Coytrahen, Cwmfelin and on to Maesteg, where yours truly took the sign in a totally pointless brief sprint. Through Dyffryn and up the much anticipated Col de Caerau. Not sure who got to the top first as Simon H and I were so far behind, some of the grimpeurs got hypothermia waiting for us. I’m sure it’s got steeper and longer since last time. Or maybe the sprint took my legs away.
Down the wet and treacherously steep road into Cymmer. The decision had already been made to skip the cafe stop in Glyncorrwg due to the poor weather. Nothing to do with the fact that a bunch of roadies might have to share cafe space with HAIRY MOUNTAIN BIKERS!
Instead we pushed on down the Afan Valley, avoiding the temptation of another MTB cafe at Afan Argoed. On to Pontrhydyfen, Cimla and then Neath. I think it was here that some massive bloke ambled out of a shop/pub onto the pavement wearing a West Ham top coupled with floral surf shorts and flip-flops. He looked so out of place a bunch of us nearly lost it pissing ourselves so much (particularly Kevin).
A number of riders started to peel off in different directions from here onwards, making their own way home. Overall a good ride with plenty of climbing and enjoyable despite the very heavy showers. The sun only came out for the last 10 minutes when I got back to Mumbles (of course!)
4: Paul E, Jeremy D, Simon H
3: Phil G, Nic C, Alan C, Kevin, Bob H
2: Dave G, Chris Regis.
1: John F, Simeon D,
Guest x1

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Club Run – Glyngorrwg via the Col de Caerau

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