Club Run – Ferryside (not quite) via Pontberem

kidwellymapProbably due to a combination of the excellent BBQ weather, the Swansea Airshow and Alps recovery a meagre 5 riders turned up for todays clubrun to Ferryside: Paul E, Phil R, John, Dave G and Mark K.

After a brief discussion to satisfy ourselves that we had at least a vague idea of where we were going in the absence of the navigation skills of any club officers, we set off through the Enterprise Park in glorious sunshine with the temperature already in the 20’s, across the Neath Road, through Morriston and onto Penllergaer.

The first of several contested signs, Paul took the Pontlliw sign in a two horse race with John. After that I lost track but I sure the winners will provide an update.

On through Pontardullais and onto the first big climb of the day up to Llannon – quite a drag in the heat. Dave turned off here to head down to Llannelli with the 4 remaining heading off to Pontyberem and then Pontyates where a friendly staff member at a petrol station refilled rapidly depleting water bottles.

At this point we all became a little less confident in the route, taking a left perhaps a little earlier than we should and were welcomed by the view down onto Kidwelly. Tempted by one of the best caf├ęs on any club run, we decided Kidwelly it was.

Refreshments taken al fresco in temperatures in the high 20’s, the rhubarb and cherry cake looked outstanding. It was at this point that Phil discovered something green growing in one of his water bottles, although he seemed non the worse for it.

Onward for a pacy ride back along the coast towards Pembrey, past Llanelli and onto Loughor. Check out the Kidwelly to Loughor Strava Segment, and we really weren’t pushing it along the cycle path due to the walkers and other slower cyclists.

At Gowerton the group started to split for home.

Points: Paul E, John F, Mark K = 4; Phil R = 3; Dave G = 2.

Approx 52 miles

Some info from Paul:

Although there were only five of us (until Dave turned back at Llannon citing domestic duties), it was a great morning out on the bike. The weather was ideal, although the sweat did start rather early this week, probably up the hill through Morriston, just after we started.

The great thing about such a small number of riders is that normally crap sprinters can have a go and pretend to be Marcel Kittel (more stages than Cav in the Tour) for the day.

So it went that I took off down the hill to Pontlliw and John went past me. I thought sod that and sat right on his wheel until the sign where I went past him. A first for me. I don’t normally blow my own trumpet, but I was first up the hill to Llannon and first to the Pontyberem sign.

Phil and I both sprinted for one sign (Pont Henry I think?) but it was too close to call.

The extended cafe stop was very pleasant in the sun, helped by the excellent food and service (unlike the ‘no beans!’ cafe in Ferryside). After recharging we motored back, with John doing a great job towing us back for a very fast time all the way back to Loughor. We were flying.

No doubt a return to sprinting obscurity for me next club run. Thanks for a great morning guys.

What’s on this week and next Sunday’s Club Run

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Club Run – Ferryside (not quite) via Pontberem

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