Club Run – Cross Hands

There were a total of 18 riders out for the club run to Cross Hands in cloudy but reasonable conditions. After hanging around for Trevor we set off only for him to join us a few yards down the road. However as he didn’t officially start the ride, he loses a point !

We set off through the enterprise zone and up onto chemical road before passing the hospital. On through Penllegaer roundabout where I think we picked up some others before heading right down towards Pontardulais. Some sprinting for signs along the way inc the Pontardulais sign.

Right turn and onto the Llannon road where the group split up along the climb (being led by Chris and Louis) before regrouping at the top and then at the end of the Llannon road. Simon H turned off here I think.

Right turn and across the common towards Cross Hands where we decided to stop in Macdonalds to avoid the possibility of a closed café a bit further along the route. Talk in the café centred on previous visits in much colder conditions and Nick’s lack of understanding of the coffee coupons. Had Nick had his way he’d be drinking free Macdonalds coffee for the rest of his life!!

Back on the road and after a right turn up to the top of Cross Hands we headed down the long downhill section towards Ffairfach. Bob H turned off to take the direct route to Ammanford. The pace picked up early doors with Rhys and Paul E pushing off the front only to be hauled back. As we got closer to Ffairfach Chris Regis set off into a headwind to be closed down before the sprint proper. Louis M tried a long one to no avail and in the end Trevor L broke free leaving a two up sprint between the Chairman and the Club Sec. Never mind Trev maybe next time.

After regrouping we turned right and along the undulating road towards Llandybie and then Ammanford, with Phil G and Trevor working on the front before the signs loomed again. After Louis again tried to make a break for it Trevor hauled him back to take the Ammanford sign with Alan C, Louis and others trying to chase him down.

Regrouping again through Ammanford we turned left and up the ‘orrid drag towards GCG via Garnant. Louis and Gruff sat off the front here and after a quick pause for a minor mechanical the short sharp rise to GCG prompted another push for glory. An early move by Alan C was shut down by Phil G before Chris R and Gruff flew past and battled it out for the top spot. Think Gruff made it up first.

On towards Pontardawe where again the pace picked up and Trevor again beating all to the sign after which we split up in and headed for home in various directions.


Phil G
Simon S
Andy Davies
Paul E
Rhys W
Jeremy D
Trevor L (just!!!)


John F
Nic C
Alan C


Nic C
Alan C
Bob H
Simon H


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Club Run – Cross Hands

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