Club Run 3rd March – Glyncorrwg Col de Caerau

clubrun030313There were 23 riders out for the clubrun to Glyncorrwg. Guests were the S.U.C.C. crew x 4 (the Adams, Griff & Simon) and Geraint & James – MK edit + Graeme Davies 2/4.

We rode to Skewen, where Simon and John turned back. Along the bike path and over Briton Ferry bridge and through Baglan and Margam. Left towards Penybryn and along the lanes. A puncture delayed our journey here. Onto Tondu and left up the Llynfi valley. Andy D. & Bob H. turned back at Maesteg. Then onto the main event, the Col de Caerau. Adam V-T was the first up and we regrouped at the bottom of the hill due to the cold weather. Jonny turned off and rode up the Bwlch, while Mike & Geraint pushed on for home. The rest rode across the road and down the steep hill towards the People’s Republic of Glyncorrwg, when we came across a bus wedged between the crash barrier and the apex of the hill (Phil G’s photos refer – the Italian job indeed). It also looked like the engine was missing!bussteve

Onto the MTB Cafe, where the speculation turned to the possibility of the bus being removed anytime soon.

Back on the road and up the hill, the bus had gone (it wasn’t that long a cafe stop!). Looks like the locals don’t hang about when a ‘salvage’ job is required! Down the Afan valley and a detour through Cwmavon as the Sardis/Cimla road was closed for resurfacing. Back through Baglan and home.

Points:- 4 = Trevor, Ian W., Ian H., Steve P., Mark W. & Phil G. 3 = Nic Cleave, Mark K., Andy D., Paul, Simon & Andy M. 2 = Jonny, Mike, Leon, Jeremy D. & John. 1 = Bob. Guests = 6.

(If I’ve missed anyone please let me know a.s.a.p.).

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What’s on this week and next Sunday’s Club Run

Mark W

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Club Run 3rd March – Glyncorrwg Col de Caerau

2 thoughts on “Club Run 3rd March – Glyncorrwg Col de Caerau

  • March 5, 2013 at 07:27

    Hi Mark,

    You missed me off the points list for this (and last weekend.) Full guards now and a cheque waiting for Phil for a s/s club top (does that count?)



    • March 5, 2013 at 08:42

      Hi Nic, I’ve edited the post, and last weeks to Camarthen for 3 points but suspect you have to actually be wearing the kit to get the extra point. Will leave it up to Mark W’s judgement 🙂

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