Club Run – Rhandhirmwyn (almost)

Thanks to Andy for this weeks report. If anyone has distance or .gpx route, leave a comment below.

Seven riders left the Stadium and picked up Bob & Andy in Clydach. No-one looked sure what to wear in the damp cloudy conditions as there was a mixture of shorts, bibtights, overshoes and gilets on view.

Up the Swansea Valley, the mist & drizzle increased. Dave G turned back at Tafarn-y-Garreg. Onto the climb to Glas Fynydd forest the tailwind increased and the sun came out.

At the top of the climb Ian W decided that an excess of cider and not enough sleep had got the better of him and turned around.SWCC30062013

Down to Trecastle where no-one really knew the route over the MOD land so it was decided to head to Llandovery where the café stop was taken in the sunshine outside the Penygawse tearoom. On to Llangadog and up the Black Mountain; over the top the mist and drizzle returned along with a headwind back to Pontardawe.

A sociable run at a reasonable pace, enjoyed by all. (except Ian !)

Points – Bob & Andy ( club kit) 4; Ian W (club kit), Lee, Stuart, Phil, Chris, Nick, 3; Dave G -2.

Andy D.

Results from the Merlin Sportive
Druid ride (50 miles) – Mark Noall = 3:58:15
Cothi ride (70 miles) – Jeremy Davies = 4:26:43
Emlyn ride (85 miles) – None.
Merlin ride (105 miles) – Jonny Williams = 6:10:55
Paul Edwards = 6:35:37
Andy Hilton = 7:12:00
Mark Kneen = 7:12:03

What’s on this week and next Sunday’s Club Run

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Club Run – Rhandhirmwyn (almost)

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